20 photography magazines you should follow on Instagram

best photography magazines

20 photography magazines you should follow on Instagram

It’s already 2017, and Instagram is now 600 million users. That translates to a ton of new photography magazines, videos, and stories every day. An effervescent and very lively activity in that social network.

Next to all the personal and brand accounts and there are some magazines. Some of them are dedicated to art and photography. If your dream is to open an account on Instagram and show your photos, you should first learn notions of photography.

For today I looked for the 20 best photography magazines that you should definitely follow on Instagram if you are a lover of this art.

Photography magazines

Noice Magazine

Noice is an online and paper publication for photographers. He has a very meticulous style when it comes to minimalism. Line, colors, and light are the key elements of your publications.

Paper Journal

It is an online magazine based in London and with contributors from all over the world. Create a series of independent exhibitions, print publications, talks, and events.

Updated weekly with interviews, performances, studio visits, and photo reviews, it aims to bring out the best of contemporary visual arts.

Archive Collective

Archive Collective is an online magazine and has a print publication. Both promote the talents of a global creative community. It is largely based on photography and everything is curated with very high attention to detail and aesthetics. It should definitely be on this list.

Somewhere Magazine

Somewhere magazine is an online lifestyle magazine based in Stockholm, Sweden. It has a focus on photography, fashion, film, travel, and design. They post both on Instagram and on their website.

Subjectively Objective

This magazine has a particular focus based on contemporary landscape and conceptual photography.


It is an online magazine focused on publishing the work of emerging and established photographers around the world on Instagram through weekly articles and interviews. Fujifeed publishes photographers who work with the Fujifilm camera system.

YET Magazine

photography magazines you should follow

This magazine features editorials and photographic series by artists from around the world. Emerging and well-known photographers publish, taking into account the quality of the project presented.


Edited by Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey, Burn is an evolving magazine for emerging photographers. It was launched in December 2008. New stories are posted on its website at least twice a week.

Street Photography International

It is a collective of street photographers and an online magazine that promotes the best of street photography. His Instagram is a very good source in his particular genre.


The quarterly photography magazine and book publisher is based in New York. The magazine is a publication of the Aperture Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to fine art photography.

Minimal Zine

Minimo Zine is an independent platform to share contemporary visual culture. They post regularly on Instagram and recently started doing interviews with photographers from their Tumblr.

Phroom Magazine

Phroom is an online exhibition space dedicated to the fine contemporary art of photography. They run on Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook, but also on their website. They have a very different style of content curation.

Of The Afternoon

Launched in 2012. It started with a one-time print publication. Then they expanded the biannual magazine distributed in 21 countries. Its aim is to share the best of photography, art, and visual culture in an accessible way.

If You Leave

Started in 2009 by Laurence Von Thomas, this photography blog has gone from strength to strength. They are simply one of the most attractive streams reaching more contemporary photographers on the web. If you have to follow only one magazine, this is the place.

Feature Shoot

It shows the work of both emerging and established international photographers. Contributing to writers from around the world, they have contemporary work in all genres of photography, from documentary to the landscape.

GUP Magazine

GUP (Guide to Photography Unique) has been around since 2005. And it is an internationally authoritative publication on photography. It is published four times a year through the printed premium.

Foam Magazine

Foam is a photography museum in Amsterdam, but also an international photography magazine that publishes three times a year around a specific theme. It features world-renowned and relatively unknown image-makers.

Organica Magazine

He focused on contemporary and revolving photography around themes such as nature, still life, portraits, and landscapes.


Aint-Bad publishes photographic art through print publications, monographs, and exhibitions. Founded in Savannah, Georgia, in 2011, the collection reveals an increasingly urgent and critical conversation about the human condition through thought-provoking.

Open Doors Gallery

Originally opened as a pop-up gallery and Open Doors (DO) seemed to foster community cohesion and a sense of pride through a program of open exhibitions and presentations.

Different artists take over his Instagram account to publish their work.

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