6 steps to save for your studies

save for your studies

6 steps to save for your studies

You say all the time that you want to study, but you still don’t have the money to do it. The most important thing about a dream is to set a fixed time, have a goal, and fulfill it. These are a small step by step on how to save to study.

Have a clear goal

Having a clear goal is not only what you want to study, but why you want to do it. Visualize it, draw it, include take a photo, and put it in a visible place. This image will serve as a daily reminder, as well as being a stimulus for what you are saving.

List your expenses and income

Have a list of all your expenses and your income, define very well which of those expenses can be reduced or eliminated. Set aside some money for fun, hanging out with your friends, or going to the movies.

Add your savings as a fixed expense

As soon as you have a list of your income and expenses, and you know how much money you have extra, make it mandatory for your savings. If you don’t have extra money then SKIP TO STEP 5.

Estimate savings time

Estimate the value of the course or program you want to do, and divide it into your savings fees. There you will know the exact date for which you will have all the money. Mark the date on your calendar, and give it a monthly reminder. Each month, you must remember why you are saving.

Look for new entry forms

Finding new forms of income, with simple jobs around the house, helping friends, letting people know that you are willing to work.

The extra is not spent

If you have already defined your expenses, your money for fun, and your savings, any extra income should be used to save your GOAL. This will help you shorten the saving time.

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