How to take good photos with a phone

How to take good photos with a phone

Smartphones have narrowed and simplified the relationship with many activities that, thanks to technology, have become more accessible on all levels. One of them is photography. We tell you how to take good photos with your cell phone and turn your smartphone into a true artistic tool.

How to take good photos with a phone

It is one of the functionalities that phone manufacturers take care of the most because they know that the user values ​​it. In this virtuous competition between brands, the level of mobile phone cameras has reached such a point of sophistication that it competes with the best examples of compact cameras. But the device is not everything: there are many things to consider so that the photos are better and better. We leave you some tips and recommendations to surprise you with real postcards.

Get to know your phone’s camera

First of all, you have to know in-depth your cell phone’s camera’s characteristics to get the most out of it. Know what functions it has and what possibilities it offers in terms of focus or light conditions. Most touchscreen smartphones allow you to make modifications directly to the area you want to focus on.

Install a software

Although the photographer’s eye, his patience, and his inspiration are the decisive factor, there are technical issues that we cannot ignore. The great idea is to find a good application to take photos and have it as an ally when you want a special image.

Of course, the application that comes with the phone by default is very useful, but we can also install other software that goes better with your photographing. A simple search in your smartphone’s app store will help you. You can go testing which one is best for you.

Clean the lens

It seems too obvious, but we don’t always do it. Keep in mind that professional photographers cover the lens after each photo. And we, on the other hand, keep the cell phone in our pocket, where it runs the risk of getting dirty, greasy, and, in this way, ruining the next photo we take.

Don’t forget that every detail counts. So get into this simple but effective practice as a habit. With any soft cotton fabric, press gently to avoid scratching the lens.

Make a good frame

An aspect that highlights the beauty of a photograph is given by something that is not seen: the composition. Composing the painting is one of the most relevant characteristics when evaluating a photo, although no one realizes why. In most cell phone models, you can activate the framing grid that divides the screen into 9 imaginary parts. This serves to understand where to position the object, detail the landscape or person you want to highlight.

If you are going to photograph the landscape, for example, it is recommended that the horizon line is always parallel to the frame’s horizontal lines. On the other hand, if you are going to take a portrait, it is convenient that the person is displaced towards one side to give air to the composition. Some think that the object that one seeks to highlight should be located in the upper third of the frame. But everyone has their preferences, so it is best to try with what type of frame you feel most comfortable with.

Use light to enhance your photos

Photography is possible thanks to light. In other words, it is the factor that will most determine the result obtained. Take advantage of the best moments of the day and always try to stand with your back in the sunlight so that the image is not too bright.

Take advantage of the contrasts

On clear and bright days, you can get a lot of contrast between lights and shadows, especially during the day’s central hours: this can become an interesting resource to strengthen objects or people you want to portray. See if your camera can maintain a relatively balanced balance between lights and make the most of it.

Test the exposure

To improve lighting and contrasts, on many phones, you can hold down the screen for a moment and you will see that the icon of a “sun” will appear. From there, you can go up or down the exposure, which will allow you to correct the image so that the light is impeccable.

Use the burst

If you are going to photograph people or things in motion, it will be very useful to use your camera’s “burst shooting” mode. This will allow you to take all the photos you want and then choose which one is the best.

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