Ideas to Give to Any Photographer

Ideas for Photographer

Ideas to Give to Any Photographer

Sometimes you don’t know what to give a photographer, because you don’t know anything about photography and you don’t want him to have to change the gift, or worse still, that it isn’t useful. This is a list of gifts, and tips for buying them.

SD Or Compact Flash Memories

It is advisable to buy from the SanDisk or Kingston brand, they are the most recognized. We also recommend that instead of buying a 32GB memory, you can buy 2 of 16GB. You will appreciate it more, and they ARE TWO GIFTS IN ONE, without spending too much.


Not all photographers use it, it is more for photographers of objects, products, spaces, nature. And there are tripods for every use. Check that it is a sturdy tripod, that the legs have rubber coverage, and can also adhere well to different surfaces. Most come with their own case.

Camera Straps

Not all photographers like to change their straps, but most like to have a custom strap. You will easily choose the design, but you must make sure it is adjustable and of a good brand. It is the support of our camera; we do not want it to fall.

Cleaning Kit

It is the least we photographers spend money on, or we only remember that we need it when it is too late. It is a practical and inexpensive gift. And you will always be welcome.

Photograph Book

For true photography lovers, a good book from a photographer in our area, or the collection of images from various photographers is a treasure, we will be inspired and we will always remember whoever gives us that beautiful gift.

Camera Bag

Many of us already have a bag for our digital camera, but for some occasions that bag is either very large or very small, it is very useful to have a second option. Having a large bag and a small one gives us flexibility for all situations.

Camera Battery

As we already told you, it is important to know if you use a Nikon, Canon, Sony camera or the brand you use, as well as the exact reference. We will always need batteries. At least we should have two.

Speedlight Or Flash

If you see that you are interested in lighting, a good Speedlight or flash will be an excellent gift, we recommend that it be from the original camera brand or the YOGNUO brand is relatively new, but it works very well with all references.

Course or Classes

Learning is an innate desire of all photographers, we already have our equipment, now we want a photography course where we can learn to use it, or improve lighting techniques or digital retouching. For this, you need to know what type of photography he likes to do and thus be able to find the right place for him/her. Each school has its specialty and focus.

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