Tips to edit photos and be an expert

Tips to edit photos

Tips to edit photos and be an expert

For many people, the mobile phone is their favorite camera, however, in many cases, it is necessary to edit photos either to give them a different touch or because the photo did not turn out as well as we wanted. The editing possibilities are increasing but we need to learn to use these options. The first piece of advice we want to give you is to avoid editing a photograph, the fundamental thing is that it comes out perfect the first time.

The process of editing or retouching the photos is essential in the final result, it is enough to follow a few small guidelines that we will tell you about below. But always starting from some important points, the first is that in the world of publishing there are never miracles. If a photo is bad, no matter how retouched we make it, the result will not improve excessively. The best thing is always that we have little to edit in a photograph.

Editing A Little Is Always Usually More And Better

Be an expert to edit photos

There is a saying that says less is more, in this case, it is. A good photograph is one that needs no editing or a limited amount of editing. It is never good to find a highly edited photo, it loses rigor and many values, in the end in this type of photography the editing ends up being more protagonist than the image itself and that should never happen.

Proof of what I say is the photos that come out dark, if we do not have a good dynamic range it translates into good detail but little light, if we apply filters or simply choose to better adjust some values ​​​​of the photograph itself, such as colors, this can be seen with better light but with worse detail. If we modify something to improve it, it is possible that we end up losing other things, it is best to find a balance.

We must know the limitations that we have depending on the quality of our camera, but within these limitations, we must do our best.

Choose The Right App To Edit Photos

There are many applications to edit photos in the App Store or in the Google Play Store, however, not all of them are suitable for the final result to be the best possible. Not all end up adapting to all the conditions we need. Many apps only focus on simple tweaks and filters for the average user, however, there are other users who need other types of more advanced applications for their purposes.

VSCO and Snapseed are two of the most used applications in the world of photography.  While the first application stands out for its minimalist interface and a good collection of filters, if we add to this more than a good collection of dedicated editing tools, we find ourselves with a phenomenal application for this purpose. For its part, the second option has a large number of options for editing photos. Emphasizes white balance adjustment.

Although it may seem like something extremely simple, in many cases it is not always the case. Framing images is not easy, especially when we talk about some figures or elements with rarer geometries.

This is mainly seen when taking a photo with a certain degree of inclination or when we only want to frame detail but cannot enlarge everything we want. In all these situations, editing applications are a fundamental help.

Improve Exposure Before Taking A Photo

There are many times that the camera of our cell phone is right with the necessary exposure to take a certain photo, however, the truth is that in most cases we have to adjust the exposure of the cell phones. However, we must be very careful in the degree of exposure that we are going to choose.

Burnt areas or very dark shadows, this is mainly what to avoid with the exposure settings but it is not as easy as it may seem. Adjusting the exposure and contrast modes are two steps that we will have to do in almost any photo that we are going to take. Excessive adjustments could end up spoiling a good image, be careful when using these adjustments.


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