Types of photography according to your personality

Types of photography

Types of photography according to your personality

Many times, when we do not know what to specialize in photography, we get lost in the variety of photography approaches that exist, especially when we are looking for a course to study.

For this reason, we bring you a list of some different types of photography and personality characteristics that we associate with that specific type!

Product Photography

In Product Photography, it is necessary to have the ability to make objects speak, give them a personality and the importance they deserve. For this, a knowledge of lighting, composition, color palettes, and trends is essential.

In order to achieve all this, you must be A PATIENT PERSON, learn to control every detail, and understand a little physics.

Portrait Photograph

Portrait photography is the search to capture each emotion, event, situation, or environment of an individual. Its purpose is to show the personality, the memory of a moment, or the physical or psychological identification of a person or group.

You have to like to talk to people, learn to direct them, and find beauty everywhere and in all people!

You must be prepared to take photos in all kinds of places, with all kinds of lighting.

We also recommend that you

also have a tripod that is resistant but that you can bring to all classes. The tripod must also be in good condition.

Nature Photography

Photography dedicated to capturing the beauty of the world around us, capturing the ephemeral of the landscape and the static. Most nature photographers manage to show the sublime of our planet. With a great physical condition, knowledge of development in the field, and adverse situations.

The taste for NATURE is essential, accompanied by PATIENCE AND TENACITY, they are just some of the characteristics that should accompany you if you want to take this type of photography.

Social Photography

Being responsible for capturing the best moments of a social event is one of the most stressful situations for any photographer. The mixture of food photography, portraiture, directing people, makeup, and above all having the attitude of being willing to enjoy the good memories of a family. The social photographer is another member of the family for that day and as such must be able to be included in all situations!

A taste for MUSIC, celebration, and a great appreciation for family values ​​is what makes a great social photographer!

Artistic Photography

The search to disturb, revolutionize, or communicate what we think or feel in a single image is the basis of all artistic photography. They are usually criticisms or introspections of human emotions or situations.

Risking to tell a story, to bare the soul in front of others. To cause controversy is a very common attitude of those who want to make art with their images.

The Artistic Photographer is willing to EXPRESS HIMSELF, to release his emotions, thoughts, and ideas, no matter what others think. THEY MUST BE ABLE TO ACCEPT THE CRITICISM and be in the judging gaze of all.

Documentary Photography

Also called photojournalism, it is the recording of news or events. Telling stories with images and showing the world the reality of a country or city. In photojournalism, there is no editing of images, a development of the same but never an edition that modifies reality.

The quality of SINCERITY and the desire to SHOW IT to the world are the two main characteristics of photojournalists. RISKY and excellent at controlling all kinds of outdoor lighting situations.

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography is a mixture of artistic and commercial photography, wherewith these bases it is sought to show trends, aesthetics. And the concept of an entire brand in one or more images. It has many branches such as eCommerce photography, campaign, editorial, beauty, among others.

It is essential in fashion photography, TEAMWORK, sharing ideas and concepts with others.

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